Britain’s luxury carmaker is planning to lower its target market with the launch of a new convertible.

Christened the Dawn, the new soft-top has been labelled as the “sexiest car the company has ever built”, in hope of attracting the attention of younger and more female buyers.

The new car, based on the Wraith, was unveiled in an online video of model Jodie Kidd interviewing chief executive of the BMW-owned company Torsten M?ller-?tv?s from the roof of the firm’s factory.

In the video, M?ller-?tv?s said the Dawn aims to attract “younger, even more social customers” and will “extend the frontier of the Rolls-Royce brand”.

Based at Goodwood, Sussex, Rolls-Royce has been trying to reverse its fall in sales by broadening its buyer appeal for some time, and the Dawn is the brand’s shot at breaking with tradition to create new and revived image.

Giles Taylor, director of design, added that the Dawn shows the brand “reaching out to customers that may have perceived a level of opulence and formality with previous Rolls-Royces. It is about connecting to younger aspirations.”

The reasoning behind the unique online launch, a week ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, also plays a crafty role in attracting the modern motorist.

According to the Telegraph, a spokesperson said: “The web campaign reflects how a lot of our clients are making their money.

“They are internet entrepreneurs and demand their information online.”

The 155mph Dawn is priced from £250,000, which is still a rather chunky price-tag for a younger buyer. Nevertheless, Rolls-Royce is confident that the new convertible will help bring the firm’s sales slump to an end.

According to Rolls-Royce, the company is already taking orders – so far so good.

Photo: Rolls-Royce

Sophie Williamson Stothert


September 9, 2015