If you and your other half are the sort of people who are always looking for adventure, you want to climb that mountain, walk into the woods or try something new, this is the perfect road trip for adventurous couples.

We’ve chosen North Wales for this road trip because it’s got so much to do within a small area, and if you haven’t done it yet then it’s one you really need to tick off your list. Whether you enjoy walking, driving, paddling or travelling by air, we’ve got you covered on this road trip.

If you wanted to do the route on its own, you could fit it into a day of driving but depending on how many of the activities you want to fit in you could stretch it out over more.

Telford to Llangollen

The way you arrive in North Wales will, of course, depend on where you’re starting from. However, if you’re coming from anywhere south of Wrexham, you’ll get off to the best start if you join on the A5 from Telford. My advice is to always avoid the M6 at all costs, but if you’re coming from the north it does usually make a lot more sense.

The route in from Telford and via Shrewsbury throws you straight into wonderful Welsh woodland and some wild bends as you head further north towards Llangollen.

Llangollen canal

The Llangollen canal is an 11 mile stretch of beautiful canal, but also a world heritage site and engineering feat with a series of tunnels, viaducts and aqueducts. You can walk along the edge of this for some stunning views, however for something a bit different, why not take a canoeing tour along the route. It’s a fabulous way to see the Welsh countryside from a different perspective!

Horseshoe pass to the Evo Triangle

Heading north from here on the A542 is Horseshoe pass, a winding road that hugs the side of the hills and valleys. It’s known for being very steep and likely gets its name from those large curves in the road. It all makes for some very entertaining driving.

From here you want to continue north towards Denbigh if you’re looking for some civilisation. You will find plenty of small towns in North Wales but for restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, fuel and hotels this has everything. From Denbigh head out on the A543 all the way to the Sportsman’s Arms pub, which will put you on the famous Evo Triangle.

It gets its name from the performance car magazine, and was historically used by Evo and other publishers for photo shoots. That also attracted quite a lot of people looking to drive fast, and a few years ago average speed cameras were fitting along here. However, that doesn’t stop it being a stunning drive through some great roads if you’re happy to stay under 50mph.

Mach Loop

You’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to great driving roads in this area, but if you peel off the A5 towards Ffestiniog on the B4407 and then the B4391. This is known as the Mach Loop, because the area is used by jets for training. The Cwm Cynfal viewpoint is the perfect place to stop but the road here is spectacular – although it does feel a little perilous as you climb on the narrow road with a valley to one side.


You’ll now be well in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, head out of Ffestinog on the B4410 for more wonderful winding roads. Set your sights for Llanberis pass – the mountain road that drives directly by the tallest mountain – Snowdon. Now if you’re looking for adventure, this is an ideal place to stop and climb. You can choose a variety of different routes to the top, even taking the train if walking isn’t your thing. If you’re more into your climbing then you can take on of the more dangerous routes to the top, too.

Zip World

I mentioned there would even be something for you if you fancy travelling by air – and no, I wasn’t talking about the jet planes. Based in a quarry in Snowdonia is Zip World, where you can take a 1.5km zipline and travel at over 100mph. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

That’s not all there is though, you can also go karting through the quarry – or at one of its other locations you can also do a roller coaster through a forest.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mountain range you’ve also got Surf Snowdonia, a man made surf centre.

Colwyn Bay

If real waves are more your thing, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the beautiful coastline in North Wales. However, if all of this has all been a bit much, heading north to Colwyn Bay for a relaxing end to your trip could be a great choice. Here you’ll find hotels, some with spas, restaurants and a glorious sandy beach.

This is just a snapshot of the adventures you could have on a trip to North Wales, and depending on what you’re into there’s so much to choose from.

Stay safe 
– always follow government guidance.

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