British driving charges should be calculated on a driver’s circumstances and habits, according to a report by the Association of Consultancy and Engineering.

The plan suggests that rather than having a strict set of guidelines, the government should introduce new ‘dynamic road usage pricing’ that is determined by several factors.

By using the driver’s journey route, time of travel, levels of traffic at the time, financial standing and their state of employment, more accurate ways of taxing road users could be in use and it could also increase revenues for the government.

The report released by ACE on Tuesday also suggested the government could introduce a local road fund, a national roads strategy and a new smart motorway programme that may all be funded by a revamping of the road tax laws.

Dr. Nelson Ogunshakin OBE chief executive of ACE, says: “Our report argues that in the years ahead only a reformed funding regime based on dynamic road user pricing will manage traffic flows and deliver the significant investment needed to keep the country moving.

“It’s vital that the government starts these conversations with the public now, as to date there have been suspicions of road user pricing and fears that people will be priced off the road.”

Ogunshakin added: “This doesn’t have to be the case and there is a great opportunity to develop a fairer-for-all road funding system which delivers the first-class road network that this country needs long into the future.”

The government has said that it will be investing £15bn into the British road network over the next few years.

Jack Healy


January 24, 2018