Following the advent of the striking BMW i3 and rapid Tesla Model S, electric cars needn’t be boring. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them even more attention-grabbing. Or so the thinking goes at Swiss car design house, Rinspeed, which has created its own version of the BMW i3, called the Budii concept.

Though the standard car has a distinctive, futuristic style, Rinspeed has seen fit to give it the look of a Hummer that has crashed into a Halfords store. Gone are the old-fashioned door handles and in their place are cutting edge pad on the doors, which open the door at the lightest of touches, the front end has lost its trademark BMW features and instead looks like a particularly angry mini-Range Rover Evoque off-roader.

As for the interior, there is lots of orange upholstery – on the seats, the doors and the roof lining with colour-coded seatbelts adding another dose of tangerine hue to the inside. A large tablet-style device controls many of the car’s functions, while the Budii also previews a number of autonomous vehicle features, with a robotic arm-mounted steering wheel, which either lets you take control or can be folded back out of the way, when you want to leave the car to drive itself.

Expect to hear more from the upcoming Geneva motor show, but in the meantime you can see more in the video above.

Video: YouTube / Frank Rinderknecht

Chris Lloyd


February 17, 2015