The UK’s first comparison site that allows EV drivers to compare charging tariffs for their cars has been launched.

Called Rightcharge, the new site aims to make it easier for electric car owners to find the most affordable energy tariff, home charging and installation costs – things that have traditionally been tricky to compare.

According to the firm, motorists could save themselves £230 per year by changing tariff along with £100 in the cost of installing an electric car charger at home. Many EV owners are said to not take advantage of the most cost-effective times of charging, and make use of smart charging that allows you to schedule when you want charging to start.

Charlie Cook, founder and CEO of Rightcharge, said: “The explosion of EV ownership means there is more choice than ever – of cars, chargers and energy tariffs. However, without easy to compare information, drivers are still in the dark about what options work best for them to get the best deal.

“Our free online tool is the only service on the market that solves this for drivers, providing easy to understand and impartial advice that’s tailored to every customer.”

Rightcharge is also partnering with car dealerships and leasing companies to offer customers more choice to customers wanting to install charging points