An insurer has ranked the UK’s worst drivers based on profession, with some surprising results.

The data from insurance firm 1st Central found that financial analysts were Britain’s worst motorists, followed by dentists, financial advisers, dentists and pharmacists in the top five

The results were calculated based on the likelihood of someone in a certain profession being involved in a car accident, with jobs being one of the factors considered by insurers when calculating premiums.

Those in more practical jobs were found to be the best drivers, with painters ranked as those least likely to be involved in a crash. They were followed by builders, professional drivers, mature students and butchers.

Andy James, chief executive of 1st Central, said: “Whether you’re a painter or a financial analyst, it’s important to have the right protection in place so that you can drive safely on the road.”

Each year the insurer ranks the professions, with 2017’s results still placing painters as the best drivers, although it was financial advisers who were classed as the worst behind the wheel last year.

Other accident-prone professions include estate agents, lawyers and computer engineers, while chefs, famers and labourers were up there with the best.

The data was calculated by 1st Central, which looks at the driving performance of 2.6 million customers to come up with the results.