DeLorean Motor Company has announced that it is taking reservations for its limited run of ‘new’ DMC-12s.

The original company went into liquidation shortly after production of the DMC-12 ended in 1983. However, a British entrepreneur bought the trademark for the DeLorean name in 1995, and has been restoring the original cars ever since.

A new law was passed at the end of last year that means companies can produce limited numbers of replicas based on vehicles built more than 25 years ago. DeLorean has taken advantage of this to offer 300 ‘new’ DMC-12s.

To gauge interest, the company has opened a reservation list for people who are interested in buying one of the cars. It is currently a non-binding contract, though, because the final price and specification are yet to be finalised.

The application form includes a number of questions such as whether the interested party has ever owned a DeLorean before and asks for their car ownership history. Therefore, if more than 300 people are serious about pre-ordering a car, it is likely DeLorean will pick who it wants to sell the car to.

It’s a similar tactic to that used by Ford with its new GT supercar. Buyers were selected based on a variety of factors including their association with the Ford brand and their social media following.

In the blog post, DeLorean also included an update on the project, saying that the chassis development was running behind schedule because of a bottleneck with suppliers.

The first DeLorean DMC-12 replicas are expected to be delivered to customers in early 2017, costing about $100,000 (£80,000) each.