Few cars capture the real essence of hot hatch motoring like a Renaultsport Clio. But when the latest iteration was launched, it caused shockwaves across the hard-core Renaultsport fan base as a result of some rather radical changes.

Out went the naturally aspirated 2.0-litre petrol engine and in came a 197bhp turbo charged 1.6 litre, the manual gearbox was replaced with a 6-speed ‘efficient dual clutch’ automatic, and even the body style switched from a sporty three door, to a more family orientated five door.

So have these changes been for the better? Well, it has lost some of that hard-core mentalism offered in old Clios that made it such a hit with petrol heads, instead it’s designed to appeal to a wider audience. It’s certainly more practical, with improved cabin space and build quality, but it’s more expensive and not as quick as some of its rivals, and for many, that’ll be disappointing.

The Renaultsport Clio Turbo 200 starts at £18,995, but previous generation versions are available on from £1000

Chris Lloyd


October 27, 2014