Renault has confirmed plans to axe the Koleos SUV from its UK model line-up.

The Koleos, which has been on sale for three years, is the company’s flagship SUV and while it will remain on the Renault website, production for UK models will come to an end this month. It will continue to be produced for other markets.

The French firm has said ‘commercial reasons’ is the motive behind pulling the model from its range, which was only last updated at the end of 2019 with new engines, a revised look and additional tech.

A company spokesman said: “Renault UK has decided to remove the Koleos SUV from its UK model line-up. This decision is due to commercial reasons that align with Renault UK’s policy of offering the most suitable vehicles in the UK market for our customers.

“The Koleos remains on sale in all other existing markets. Renault has recently revised many of its core models – new Clio, new Captur and new Zoe EV – and will launch further models, including many electrified versions, in the months to come.”

The Koleos was relaunched in 2016 as a large SUV – having been available in  the UK in a previous guise for a short period between 2008 and 2010. The latest model is built on the same Common Module Family platform, developed jointly by Renault and Nissan, and is mechanically similar to the latest generation X-Trail.