We have featured heavily in the press after research we commissioned into the safety benefits of rear facing car seats sparked a national debate.

The consumer research was pioneered by Phill Jones, Commercial Director, who was frustrated by the lack of information on the availability of rear facing car seats for children above the age of eighteen months, or over 13kg in weight. It found that, despite evidence which supports the idea that rear-facing car seats are five times safer for children in the event of an accident than forward facing car seats, in the UK there is an alarming lack of information available to parents on the topic.

The researched commissioned by Motors.co.uk also revealed that over half of UK parents (53% of those interviewed) felt that information on rear facing car seats is inconsistent or confusing, and 52% of parents would buy a rear facing car seat if they were more widely available in the UK. In the Nordics and US, rear facing car seats are commonplace and legal guidelines state that children should be kept rear-facing until the age of four (or 16 – 25kg in weight)

In the UK, however, children may be placed in forward facing car seats once they reach the group 1 band which caters for children of 13kg and above, or eighteen months to four years. This adds weight to anyone who is campaigning for the Government, retailers and manufacturers to provide more accurate information along with better access to the products and information parents need in order to make informed decisions on their childrens’ safety.

Phill Jones commented “While we’re not arguing that everyone should keep their child rear facing until the age of four, everyone should be supplied with the tools that they need to make an informed choice”.

Motors.co.uk has featured heavily in the consumer press regarding the campaign, including articles published to the Guardian and the Mail Online. Commercial Director Phill Jones has also participated as an expert speaker in the debate, representing Motors.co.uk on BBC Radio 5, BBC Radio Humberside and Sky News Radio.