A company has created an exciting game that can test you reaction times in a realistic driving situation.

Created by Just Park, the game has been tested on 2000 people of a variety of ages, with findings that aren’t as straightforward as you would think.

The survey found that the reaction times of regular drivers were 10 per cent quicker than those of non-drivers. Also, those who slept eight hours the night before had reaction times up to 20 per cent faster than those who had slept less.

In general, participants who had a driver's licence reacted eight per cent quicker than those without – with those who had one to two years of driving experience 27 per cent faster than those who had driven for less than a year.

The company behind the survey, Just Park, is an online service that can match drivers with owners of spare car parking spaces. This means that those in need of a parking space would be able to find one on residential driveways or even in schools and pubs.

Thanks to its incredible popularity, Just Park is now the UK’s largest home-grown sharing economy company, and has over 750,000 users registered to the service.

At the beginning of 2015, Just Park raised £3.7 million in an equity crowd funding round, and also won Sir Richard Branson’s ‘Pitch to Rich’ competition.