The RAC has announced a partnership with EV charging finding service Zap-Map to help its members find nearby charging points.

It means that the Zap-Map app will be distributed to the RAC’s 1,600 patrols via their phones, laptops and in-car screens, meaning that drivers of electric vehicles will be able to easily locate chargers with the help from the RAC. 

The RAC has already kitted out its vans with ‘EV Boost’ technology, which is essentially a small pack that can quickly give an electric car a boost of charge to help get it to a nearby point. It’s designed for electric car drivers that have completely run out of charge.

Elsewhere, the RAC has created an ‘All-Wheels-Up’ rapid recovery system, which gives patrols a flatbed towing capability from a standard breakdown van. 

RAC head of technical James Gibson said: “By ensuring all our patrols have Zap-Map on their RAC devices, we’re giving members with EVs extra reassurance that we’re equipped on every level to get them going again, should they ever run out of charge or encounter a faulty charge point. 

“While we have the technology to give them an emergency boost, it’s vital we know how far away the nearest suitable charger is so we can give our members enough mobile charge to get them there safely.”

Zap-Map is widely used by electric car owners to help find local chargers, or when planning routes for longer trips, with the app also able to separate quick and slow chargers, and even show live capability. 

According to Zap-Map data, there are more than 50,000 electric car connectors across the UK, spread out across 18,800 locations.