Christmas is drawing ever closer and as the festive spirit spreads across the country lights are being switched on, trees decorated and presents wrapped.

That's why, to celebrate the start of the party season, we're asking which car you would most like to receive as a gift on Christmas day.

To thank you for taking part, we're giving you the chance to win a dual screen in-car DVD player complete with The Lego Movie and Disney's 'Frozen' to help keep the kids entertained throughout the holidays.

Whether it's a stylish SUV to transport the family in safety with a few extra special features, or the roaring high performance sports car you've always wanted, we want to know what your dream car would be this Christmas.

Overlooking running costs such as insurance, tax and how much it would cost to fill the tank (this is just for fun, after all!), if you could wake up to a special gift of your dream car on Christmas day – what would it be? 

Enter now for the chance to win, or why not use our Smart Search to find the perfect car for you?

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    Sarah Lewis


    December 3, 2014

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