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Caroline Rutley-Frayne – South West England – Supporting Devon Air Ambulance

Caroline Rutley-Frayne is described by her family as a hero! A devastating Motorbike Accident in 2008 tragically left her husband dead and Caroline needing lifesaving surgery. She is now a double amputee, but still inspires her family and friends with the strength she has shown in her recovery.

Caroline looks after her youngest child at home with additional care and support from her daughter Lisa who lives nearby. She also volunteers at a local hospital and has raised money for Devon Air Ambulance Trust by taking part in a sky dive. Even without a right arm or leg she remains strong and carries on with life, her head held high.

Why should you vote for Caroline?

Caroline was nominated by her daughter Lisa, who told us that she thinks her Mum is a hero. She explains; “Mum and Dad were involved in a devastating Motorbike accident in Nov 2008. Tragically my dad passed away, and Mum needed lifesaving surgery.”

Caroline is now a double amputee. Yet the strength she has shown in her recovery is incredible and inspirational. As well as looking after her family, she volunteers at a local hospital, and has also raised money for Devon air ambulance by taking part in a sky dive.

Lisa continues; “Anyone who meets my mum is blown away by how far she has come in the three years since her accident. She lost her soul mate, husband and our Daddy, as well as her right arm and leg. But she is so strong and carries on with life with her head held high.”

Caroline’s chosen charity – Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Caroline and her husband were attended by the Devon ambulance service, including a Devon Air Ambulance. In a large, rural county such as Devon, particularly one so attractive to motorcyclists, horse riders and similar groups, an Air Ambulance can be a vital service when something goes wrong.

About Devon Air Ambulance Trust

The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is the charity which raises the funds to keep 2 emergency Air Ambulances flying. This is no small feat as each and every year they have to raise in the region of £4.5 million to keep both of the helicopters airborne. Its website tells the story of its history, its staff, its crew and its fantastic family of volunteers.

The trust also publishes its accounts and Annual Report so that donors can see exactly where their money goes.

Learn more about Devon Air Ambulance Trust and make a donation

We asked Caroline what being named “most deserving” would mean to them.

Are you happy to be nominated?


If you won, what difference would your new car make to your life and how would you use it?

“I have a motorbility car instead of my disability allowance so I don't need a car for myself, but my daughter is my main carer and she lives a couple of miles away. I would love to have a car for her – it would make her much more independent, and both able to look after me more easily AND get around for herself.

“Lisa doesn’t have a car at the moment, so making her a bit easier would be great. [It would also help me because] she'd be able to drive me places such as to my voluntary work at the hospital league of friends – there are days when I don't feel well because of my medication. If my daughter had a car it would mean I'd still be able to get out to my voluntary work and just generally be out and about which always makes me feel better than just sitting at home.”

What sort of car would you choose and why?

“I'd really love a little Mazda MX5 for her, but the reality is that it would just be impractical for both of us. Something like a mini-MPV would be best because it would have plenty of space and is the right height to get in and out of easily with a prosthetic leg.”

Vote now for Caroline and her chosen charity, the Devon Air Ambulance Trust!

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