Last year we ran one of our most successful campaigns, the Motors Most Deserving competition, where we gave away a car worth £10,000 to local hero Caroline Rutley-Frayne. This year, we’ve taken our fantastic competition and given it a twist with our Motors Most Deserving Student campaign.

Students are often villanised in the press, with tales of drunken debauchery and dressing up more often talked about than excellent results. But we know that there are some students out there who work hard and manage to deal with a lot more than they let on; these are our Most Deserving students.

Whether it’s caring for a relative, working for a charity, participating in a society or going above and beyond for their classmates, we want people to nominate their chosen student to win our Motors Most Deserving Student competition. The prize is pretty fantastic, and is sure to help any student get around campus easily – it’s a Renault Twingo, with a year’s insurance, and a £1000 donation to the union or student society of their choice!

Once we’ve received all our nominations, we’ll pick out a shortlist of ten students we consider to be most deserving, who will then go forward to a public vote. The top three students from the public vote will then be submitted to the judges for the final decision, when the lucky (and most deserving) student will be the proud owner of a Renault Twingo.

If you know a student who does more than is required of them at university, who helps their neighbours and community, or is just someone you consider to be most deserving, then why not nominate them on our Motors Most Deserving Student homepage?

Stephen Jury


October 9, 2012

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