Motors Most Deserving: Frequently Asked Questions

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Nominate your local hero to win a car worth £10,000

The competition format

Q – What are the two stages of the competition?

Stage One is the open nominations stage. Everyone can nominate anyone they want and there is no limit on the number of times / people you nominate.

Stage Two is the regional shortlist stage, where our judging panel will pick the best nominees from the main regions across Britain. You will then be invited to vote for your favourite nominee/region by the voting form that will be added to the site.

You can vote as many times as you like to support your nominee/region and you are encouraged to spread the word so as many people as possible know that your friend or family member is in the running for this great prize. The three nominees with the highest number of votes will then be judged on merit by the Motors Most Deserving Panel to name a winner (see below).

Q – Which regions will the shortlisted nominees represent?

A – The regions are – East Midlands, East of England, London, North East England, North West England (including the Isle of Man), South East England (including the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands), South West England, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Q – Where do I make nominations and vote for my favourite?

A – The home of the competition is where all voting and nominations will take place. Keep visiting for the best stories and the latest updates on the competition.

The prize

Q – Which type of car is being given away as the prize?

A – The winner will be able to choose the car from those available from approved dealers on the website, to a maximum value of £10,000. The marketing team will work with the winner to find the best car for their needs. We will negotiate the deal with the vendor and then put them in touch with the winner to arrange the exchange.

Q – What if the car chosen is worth less than £10,000?

A – We would recommend that you spend the full amount allocated to the prize, but if the winner really doesn’t want to put the entire amount towards the car, then there is the option is to donate the price difference to the charity of their choice.

Q – Can the winner exchange the £10,000 for cash?

A – No, the prize money does have to be spent on the purchase of a car from

Q- What if the nominee isn’t a member of a particular charity, or wants to spread the prize money out among different charities?

A – That’s fine, we don’t mind which charity the prize money goes to, as long as it goes to a worthy cause. The only proviso is that it is a registered charity.

Making a nomination

Q – Do I have to get the nominee’s permission to suggest them?

A – We will be contacting all the finalists personally, so if for some reason they don’t want to be entered into the competition, they can tell us at that stage.

Q – What supporting material do I have to supply to show how worthy my nominee is?

A – If you have some information to back up your nominee’s story, such as a commendation from a charity, or some coverage in a local paper, then please share it with us – it would be very helpful! We will be following up on the nominees’ stories to find out more about them, so the more background information you can supply the better.

Choosing the winner

Q – Who will be choosing the shortlisted entries?

A – A Most Deserving Panel comprising of management and marketing teams will review the nominees and draw up a shortlist for the regional finals. We will look for the most deserving people who have proved that they deserve to win this great prize.

Q – Does having multiple nominations give a nominee a better chance of winning?

A – We are viewing each nominee on merit, but if a lot of people are telling us that they think they should win, we will obviously take that as a positive sign! However, the eventual winner could be someone who is only mentioned to us once.

Q – Who will choose the eventual winner?

A – The second stage of the competition is a shortlist where anyone can vote for the winner of their choice. The Most Deserving Panel will review the three candidates with the highest number of votes and pick their winner from this final three.

Q – How will the Most Deserving Panel determine that the winner is a worthy one?

A – We will follow up on all the information we are given, speaking to the individuals, schools, charities and other relevant parties to build up a clear picture of each shortlisted nominee’s good works. At this point any inconsistencies in the stories submitted to us will be investigated.

Q – How do we vote? Can we vote via Facebook?

A – A voting form will be published on on 22nd February – all votes will be counted from there. Please use Facebook and Twitter to promote your favourite nominee.
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