Our most deserving student campaign is now in full swing and some of the applications we’re getting are amazing. Students aren’t always as they are; portrayed in the press or on TV as lazy, drunken vagabonds – so we wanted to offer a special student something to make their life a little easier. For a majority of the population, never mind students, a car is likely to make life much easier and run that little bit smoother. Immediately we knew what type of car we wanted to offer but were still undecided on which one. We went with three main criteria – speed, size and budget.

Going from University or college, to work and then any other extra activities can be really time-consuming, so the car we chose needed to be nippy and the Renault Twingo can get you from A to Z in a click of your fingers. To be feasible as a student car it has to be possible to run effectively on a tight budget, which is why the amount of petrol consumed and the cost of insurance were at the forefront of our minds too. Not to mention the fact that most students don’t need a family sized car, but a snappy runabout to transport their coursework and maybe a few friends.

The stories we’ve had coming through are astounding; from student mums to volunteer nurses there is an abundance of people that think their loved ones are the Most Deserving Student. We’ve had several nominees for student carers from those looking after parents and siblings, to those who volunteer at local care homes and hospices as well as students who are supporting themselves through university, or have had some hardship to deal with along the way. If you know a student that you feel deserves something special to make life a little bit easier, why not nominate them?

Stephen Jury


October 17, 2012

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