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Linza Corp – East of England – Families Against Neuroblastoma

After her son died from Neuroblastoma, mother-of-seven, Linza, from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, set up her own charity to help other families affected by this particularly aggressive form of childhood cancer. Families Against Neuroblastoma is now a successful and effective independent charity, thanks to Linza’s tireless dedication and hard work.

Why should you vote for Linza?

By forming Families Against Neuroblastoma (FAN), an essential network for families with children living with this devastating illness, Linza helps so many people. Her nominators tell us that she ‘is always working non-stop’ and describe her ‘amazing dedication, especially after her son lost his battle to this horrible cancer’.

FAN is an independent charity and the donation would really make a difference to them and help them to grow further.

On a personal level, Linza travels around the country a lot, raising awareness for FAN, as well as bringing up her seven children, two of who have disabilities – so she really does need a reliable car.

About Linza’s chosen charity – Families Against Neuroblastoma Families Against Neuroblastoma (FAN), the charity founded by Linza is the first port of call for anyone who has received the heart-breaking news that their child, or loved one, has Neuroblastoma. As well as supporting families with children who have this form of cancer, Linza and the team at FAN provide compassionate and practical bereavement advice.

FAN is solely dedicated to providing support, information and assistance in all aspects of dealing with Neuroblastoma, and they seek to fund specific research into cutting edge treatments of Neuroblastoma.

How you can support Families Against Neuroblastoma

We asked Linza what being named “most deserving” would mean to her.

Are you happy to be nominated?

"I'm slightly embarrassed!"

If you won, what difference would your new car make to your life and how would you use it?

“When my son was newly diagnosed with Neuroblastoma we got back from hospital to find that someone had driven into our car, and we've never been able to afford to get it fixed.

“My car has a habit of not starting, it makes some wonderful noises when I go round corners, and I think I'm hanging on to my MOT by the skin of my teeth. I'm all over the country raising awareness for the charity, seeing families affected by Neuroblastoma and running events, so I would love a newer car – it would make so much difference to what I'm trying to do.

“I also have two disabled children of my own, and we travel tens of thousands of miles a year, so having a decent car is pretty crucial and would make a huge difference.

“I'd use a new car for just about everything! We have regular trips to Great Ormond Street Hospital with my daughter, and monthly FAN Club (a Neuroblastoma charity event) days out, as well as ad hoc events all around the country. And then we have to do all the things every family does as well. “The FAN has a little holiday home called the CaraFAN up in Hunstanton, and I drive up there every week to do all the cleaning.”

What sort of car would you choose and why?

"An MPV – we have seven children, so something like a Ford Galaxy VW or VW Sharan would be ideal, with a diesel engine for better economy."

Vote now for Linza and her chosen charity, Families Against Neuroblastoma!

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