Meet Fi, one of our Motors Most Deserving nominees

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Fiona Star-Stone – West Midlands – Supporting Save the Children

Mother-of-two Fiona Star-Stone (know universally as ‘Fi’) from Stafford in the West Midlands had several nominations for the excellent work she does providing much-needed childcare advice & support for parents. As well as running parenting events, Fi organises fundraising activities for children’s charities including Save the Children.

Why should you vote for Fi?

Parenting is a multi-million pound industry and parents find themselves bombarded with conflicting and often expensive advice on how to rear their children safely and happily.

Fi uses her experience as a nanny and shares her advice for free. From initially responding to ad hoc requests for help, Fi now spends much of her time helping parents and children and running fundraising events, at the same time as bringing up her two children.

Fi is a qualified nanny who has devoted her life to the welfare of children. She receives over 150 emails each week from concerned parents who need essential advice on everything to do with children – from the best type of nappies, through to tips on getting babies off to sleep.

Because there is such demand for Fi’s advice, she has now joined her local radio to broadcast her advice to a wider audience.

Fi publishes tips & advice on her website

Fi’s chosen charity – Save the Children

Fi raises awareness of the great work done by Save the Children, regularly promoting their fundraising campaigns on her website and last year she arranged a ‘Born To Play’ morning to raise funds for Save the Children and other children’s charities.

About Save the Children

Save the Children helped 3 million children throughout the world through their health and hunger work in 2010. They run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and challenge world leaders to keep to the promises they’ve made to give children a brighter future.

From every £1 donate to this charity they spend 87p to benefit children and use the remaining 13p to raise the next £1.

Make a donation to Save the Children

We asked Fi what being named “most deserving” would mean to her.

Are you happy to be nominated?

“Wow, yeah! I really am happy – how lovely!”

If you won, what difference would your new car make to your life and how would you use it?

“It would make a huge difference – my car is on its last legs. Like every parent, I use it lots to get around with my two children. And of course I use it lots for my charity work and the parenting events I run, getting across to the radio station, and generally buzzing about. “I would love to have something more reliable and maybe something a bit more economical and eco-friendly. “I would love something with good internal space, both for my personal use, but also for moving all the gear around for the ‘Born To Play’ and the other events that I run.”

What sort of car would you choose and why?

“I've got an old Mercedes A-Class which I love, but a newer one would be perfect – in pink if I can find one!”

Vote now for Fi and her chosen charity, Save the Children!

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