Meet Ben and Jason, two Motors Most Deserving nominees

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Jason Odle and Ben Davis – Yorkshire & Humber – Supporting St Michael’s Hospice

Ben and Jason took up a challenge to Harrogate businesses to convert a £100 float into as large as possible a donation for Saint Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate. Within just seven days they had been pledged £15,000 – and become local celebrities, raising awareness even more for the local hospice.

They achieved this by living in a vacant shop window in the city centre where they could communicate with passers-by about what they were trying to achieve – directing people to visit their Just Giving page to make a donation.

Why should you vote for Ben & Jason?

Hospices struggle to raise the funds they desperately need to remain in operation and Ben & Jason’s fundraising activity really went the extra mile as a huge success for the charity.

This is the amazing success story of two young business men who converted a £100 float into a £15,000 donation for their local hospice in 7 days.

Six teams took part in the challenge, which was run like ‘The Apprentice’ – each team got an Alan Sugar-style grilling at the end of the seven days where they had to justify their activity and prove that they had been effective.

By combining an attention-grabbing stunt with a dedicated SMS number, Ben & Jason could easily prove that they had driven a huge number of donations to Saint Michael’s.

They really caught the attention of the local community, with more and more people getting involved. From their shop front Ben & Jason provided a continuous flow of activities and entertainment in full view of the public, from leg and chest waxing, personal training sessions, through to acoustic gigs by local artists to entertain the crowds.

Local restaurants provided hot meals, a beauty salon sent a masseur and supporters donated virtual pints of beer…

Ben & Jason’s chosen charity – Saint Michael’s Hospice, Harrogate

Ben and Jason say their donation simply couldn’t go to anyone else – Saint Michael's Hospice. They say: “The hospice does so much for the people of Harrogate and the surrounding area, and they need to raise so much money to pay for the services they offer. We both know people who stayed at the hospice, and when we were in our shop window so many people told us how much the hospice did for them or their relatives. It's a really important place.”

The team at Saint Michael’s Hospice say: “Not only did they beat their own original target of £5,000, but they managed to raise over £15,000 which was more than twice as much as the runner-up team [in the challenge]. The team at Saint Michael’s and those in the community who supported them that week, feel that Ben and Jason, who plan to continue their support this year, are more than deserving of further recognition in this competition. “

About St Michael’s Hospice

Saint Michael's exists to help people with terminal illness to live and die well. The Hospice offers specialist care, comfort and support, free of charge, to patients and their families. Saint Michael’s is an independent charity working in the Harrogate District.

They work in a variety of different ways, from the more tangible, such as the direct care and support we offer, to the less visible, such as work influencing local and regional end of life care strategy.

Learn more about Saint Michael’s Hospice and make a donation

We asked Ben & Jason what being named “most deserving” would mean to them.

Are you happy to be nominated?

Yes – very!

If you won, what difference would your new car make to your life and how would you use it?

“We would like a van for our business. We only started up a year ago but we've already seen a need to travel further than just the Harrogate area. A van would allow us to move video and recording equipment around to record the bands that we work with, and being able to travel would mean we could work with many more bands in many more places.

“One of the things we do is record bands in what we call our 'on the sofa' series. We're thinking of making a compilation of these recordings and selling them. We want to donate our royalties from iTunes to Saint Michael's Hospice.”

What sort of car would you choose and why?

“A small to medium sized van, big enough to load a sofa and recording gear.” Vote now for Ben and Jason and their chosen charity, Saint Michael's Hospice, Harrogate!

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