The nominations have been pouring in for our Most Deserving Student Competition, and it’s been brilliant to hear the inspiring stories from some of the UK’s most deserving students. It’s certainly going to be tough to whittle the list down to find our winner! With fee hikes, heated competition for university places and the pressure to get top grades to help with the inevitable job hunt, all students are having a pretty tough time at the moment.

Students as a group don’t have the best reputation, but there are plenty of students out there who are going above and beyond to help out their family, friends and community. We’ve been overwhelmed by some of the stories that have come our way, and are very proud of all of the UK’s selfless students. We’ve had nominations on behalf of students who are juggling their studies with the care of terminally ill or disabled family members, students who have overcome homelessness and poverty to attend university and support their loved ones, student parents struggling to stay in school and students who have spent considerable time and money volunteering their skills abroad.

We’ve certainly been proved right – there are many students who deserve the prize. For people with such stressful and time-consuming commitments on their plates, a car can make a big difference. We all know public transport is not overly reliable, especially as the weather turns nasty, so a car is essential for those with things to do and places to be! Whether they need a car for getting to and from classes, running errands, travelling to a volunteering commitment or transporting others around, a car will ease the stress of their commitments and hopefully mean they have some time left to have a little fun. Students are often on a tight budget, so we have chosen a zippy Renault Twingo, which is fuel efficient and doesn’t cost the earth to insure as the prize for our competition, which we think will be a great help to the student awarded the title of most deserving. Do you know a student who could do with a little helping hand?

Why not nominate them for the prize?

Stephen Jury


October 22, 2012

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