As picturesque as it may be, snow can be a bit of a nuisance. A foot of snow may seem a little ambitious, but even a thin covering on the roads can become problematic for drivers.

It may seem like a waste of time to prepare your car for snow: it’s not uncommon to go an entire winter season without having seen a single snowflake, but if it does arrive, you might be glad you did.

It’s always best to consider the importance of your journey; can it be delayed until driving conditions are safe for example? In many cases venturing out in the car is simply unavoidable, and you need to make sure your car is safe and legal.

Taking unnecessary risks in any case could prove dangerous; try keeping to main roads where possible as these are more likely to have been cleared of snow. Don’t take your normal route for granted; what is normally a gentle slope leading up to your office may prove to be a bit more of a challenge when covered in snow; avoid getting stuck by parking in a safe place and making the last five minutes of your journey on foot.

Keep an emergency kit stored in the boot of your car. A blanket, de-icer, phone charger, a spare pair of wellington boots; anything that might be useful should you find yourself by the roadside waiting for recovery.

Regular services are always a good idea, but especially through winter. Ice, rain and snow can cause damage under the bonnet of your car which if left can prove more costly down the line. Consider it an investment in making your vehicle ‘weather proof’. You’ll also save time in getting places as your car won’t require the ever annoying last minute attention. 

Stephen Jury


December 31, 2012

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