New GT3 brings race-bred speed and agility to the road. It's the quickest non-turbo 911 yet.

Got a cool £81,914 sloshing around in your bank account? If yes, then Porsche’s latest 911 GT3 is for you. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in five weeks’ time, this is the latest in a series of legendary 911 performance models, spanning back five decades.

The new 435bhp, six cylinder engine is the most powerful yet in a 911, short of anything with a turbo attached. It is capable of reaching 62mph from rest in 4.1secs and 100mph in just 8.2secs. Top speed is 194mph.

To emphasise its full-blooded race credentials, the car stability control and traction control can be turned off separately by the driver. And, unlike similar systems in other performance cars, once they’re off, they stay off: they won’t reactivate, even in an emergency, unless the driver presses the buttons.

Changes to the car’s already slippery shape improve down-force at high speeds and give it a distinctive appearance, highlighted by its new bi-xenon headlamps, LED rear lights and modified air intakes and outlets.

Another new feature is an (optional) lift system for the front axle. This raises the front by 1.2in at the touch of a button, to help when negotiating bumpy surfaces or steep gradients. The car will reach UK showrooms during the autumn.