It’s always good when drivers get their own back. And when they can make their point after a clothing label wrecks a Porsche – yes, a Porsche – all for the sake of being arty, then it’s even better.

The Rag & Bone label thought they were being oh so very clever when they put a nice black Porsche 911 in their studio – and then dropped a dirty great concrete block on top of it.

The car was flattened. Wrecked. Toast.

And, to make matters worse, a young model seemed to enjoy the experience.

Here’s the video:

What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they know the Porsche 911 is just about the most beautiful thing on the planet?

But Porsche enthusiasts hit back. Cue a video of nice Porsches, with a little fire blazing in the background. And guess what gets destroyed? Yup – a Rag & Bone dress on a hanger goes up in flames…

Revenge can be sweet…

See the video here:

Chris Lloyd


August 3, 2015