It’s the turn of the heavyweights. Our latest drag race video pits two of the most exciting six-cylinder sports cars together in a head-to-head sprint to the finish line.

In the silver corner is the Porsche Boxster, long considered the benchmark in the two-seater sports car sector. However, to make its job that little bit harder we’ve opted for the lesser 2.7-litre model rather than the 3.2-litre S.

And with its fine handling dynamics counting for nothing on the arrow-straight drag strip, the 3.7-litre Nissan 370Z, looking resplendent in white, is in with a fighting chance. To raise the stakes even higher, this isn’t the normal model, but the more powerful Nismo edition, capable of 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds.

Which will win? Place your bets now.