You’d only buy a Porsche Boxster because you can’t afford a 911, right? Ever noticed how its only people who’ve never driven a Boxster that say that? Anyone who has will recognise that despite being the baby in the range, the Boxster is every bit the sports car as its bigger, more expensive siblings.

The standard car is powered by a 2.7-litre six-cylinder engine. Developing 265bhp, it’s enough to get the Boxster from 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds. If that’s not enough then a more powerful ‘S’ version is available with a 315bhp 3.4-litre motor.

Those engines are mated to a sublime chassis that rewards keen drivers. And if you’re still not convinced, the build quality and is exemplary. That the electric-folding roof can be stowed automatically in just ten seconds is just the icing on the cake.

New models start from £38,000, but you can find a used first generation example for as little as £5,000 on

Daljinder Nagra


December 13, 2013

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