A police chief has come out to say that drivers should be punished for doing just 1mph over the speed limit.

Guidance currently says that police should only issue speeding penalties for drivers doing 10 per cent over the speed limit plus 2mph. This means that drivers can get away with doing as much as 78mph in a 70mph zone before theoretically getting caught. However, many drive to this rule knowing they can most likely get away with speeding on Britain’s roads.

Andy Bangham, chief constable of West Mercia Police, said yesterday at the Police Confederation roads policing conference that “enough is enough” when it comes to this 10 per cent “buffer”.

He also said that speed awareness courses should be reserved for those just narrowly over the speed limit.

He said: “Let’s change the message – we are proud to be law enforcers.

“I want the public to be embarrassed when they caught. They need to understand the law is set at the limit for a reason. They should not come whingeing to us. If booked at 35mph, or 34mph or 33mph that cannot be unfair because they are breaking the law.”

Conservative MP for East Yorkshire, Greg Knight, told the Daily Mail that it was an “overly aggressive policy against drivers”.

Knight said: “It will make criminals of motorists who are basically good drivers trying to obey the speed limit, while keeping an eye on the road.”

Ted Welford


January 31, 2018