It’s practically Summer, which means car journeys to visit friends and family and take well-earned breaks are looming. At we’ve compiled our top tips for making travel as smooth as possible.

Get prepared

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting your journey in a great mood, only to hit unexpected traffic. It’s even more frustrating if it makes you late and you have a car full of travellers moaning along too. So, check the latest traffic reports before you leave and make the necessary changes to your route. 

Make yourself comfortable

Spend a few minutes getting your seat in the right position so it supports your back properly. Some cars will have lumbar support, so make sure this is adjusted to support your spine and choose comfortable clothes and shoes.

Know when you’ll take a break

It’s important to have rest stops on long journeys of at least 15 minutes every couple of hours. This will keep you alert and allow you to stretch out so you’re more comfortable. Take the time to plan your stops and you can make sure you select somewhere that has everything you need. Here you can find details and reviews of motorway services: 

Stock up

Keep your energy levels up by packing plenty of water and snacks. Think protein and fruit and avoid anything that will crumble too much and make a complete mess in the car!

Be entertained

If you’ve got a long journey ahead then you’ll want to keep yourself – and any passengers – entertained so you don’t think about how much further you have to go. Aside from the usual boredom-busters of in-car games or listening to music, audiobooks are also a great way of keeping entertained, without taking your eyes off the road! 

If you have any top tips for long journeys, why not share them in a comment below or discuss on our Facebook page.