Tales of reality TV star Bruce Jenner texting seconds before a car crash earlier in February have got us all talking about the toxic mix of mobile phones and driving. Here, takes a look some of the latest innovations in the fight against the phone. 

Phones and driving, the two just don’t go together, as plainly demonstrated by this reckless example we recently spotted on Facebook:

And while Britain’s hard-pressed motorists seem to face speed cameras at every turn, there’s now a new combatant in the fight against the illegal phone user – spy cameras that monitor mobile phone use in passing cars. 

The innovation has been pioneered by Norfolk County Council, which has joined forces with police and road safety group Think! to run the scheme, in response to residents’ complaints about phone use by motorists. A single detector and warning sign has been in use in the county since April 2014 and is moved between different test locations. It uses a signal detector to sense when a phone is in use which in turn triggers a nearby warning sign to flash.

More recently, we learn that the police have successfully concluded a trial in 2014, which will soon see officers riding in lorries, in order to spot drivers using mobile phones illegally.

While the legislation to ban the use of handheld mobiles by drivers has been with us since 2003, it seems that the long arm of the law is finally catching up with this unacceptable behaviour.

Sarah Lewis


February 25, 2015