Peugeot is the latest brand to reveal a new logo as it prepares for enhanced digitalisation over the coming years.

Unveiled yesterday, the new ‘flat logo’ can be used in a number of ways, and features a reworked ‘lion’ design and logo.

Previously, the emblem saw a full-sized lion accompanied by lettering underneath, but the new logo is surrounded by a coat of arms, with new lettering and a Lion’s head – the animal being a symbol the French firm has used for several generations.

With Peugeot moving upmarket in recent years with its cars, the firm hopes the new logo and branding can continue with that. The new design is being adopted almost immediately, with a new website on the way and a plan for all dealers to have the new branding by 2023.

The first Peugeot to wear the new logo will be the next 308 hatchback, which is set to be unveiled on March 18, with first customer deliveries expected in late summer.

Julie David, managing director of Peugeot UK, said: “A new logo and brand identity are significant developments for any marque, let alone Peugeot, who has a history spanning more than 210 years.

“The new logo reflects our changing model line-up and new philosophy around living in the moment, and we are very excited to showcase both the logo and the brand identity to our customers this year.”

Peugeot is the latest car firm to update its logo for a digital age, with Volkswagen, Kia, Vauxhall and Toyota all announcing updated emblems in recent years.