For drivers there is little more frustrating than returning to your car to find a ticket attached to the windscreen by some unseen ninja-like traffic warden, despite the fact you’ve only been gone five minutes.

Worse still, having a ticket slump onto your doormat – being told you’ve been caught by an all-seeing CCTV camera standing still for a fraction of a second in a box junction is enough to make anyone see red.

One Aussie motorist has decided to vent his frustration with ‘the man’ by the (slightly immature) method of paying for his parking ticket in pennies.

Rocking up to the city council office with his $60 in hand, the unidentified man does check that he can pay the fine in cash, but the lady behind the desk quickly changes her mind when she realises she’s about to get hit with more shrapnel than a street performer.

It all escalates pretty quickly, with an obligatory appearance from an irate security guard. Our frustrated motorist stands his ground however, refusing to take no for an answer.

Are the man’s actions a justified response or a childish way of dealing with the situation? Have your say below.

Daljinder Nagra


September 18, 2013