The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced new national guidelines for sharing parking data, in a bid to make finding spaces for drivers simpler.

The data project is said to be a ‘world-first’ and will set standards for how private firms and local councils share parking information.

It is expected that the scheme will make it easier for drivers to search for parking spaces, check pricing details and even look at the size restrictions of car parks. It is hoped that it should increase footfall to high streets and help to ease congestion when motorists are having to drive around with the hope of finding a parking space.

The research and development project will initially run in areas in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Oxfordshire and Manchester, with a share of £1m set to be divided across the areas.

The scheme has been funded by the DfT and has been created by the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS), which was set up by the parking industry.

As modern cars increasingly become more ‘connected’, and feature more apps, the scheme will mean that in the years to come vehicles will be able to find a space, park and pay with very little intervention from the driver.

Michael Ellis, Future of Mobility minister, said: “We are on the brink of a revolution for the future of transport, with ground-breaking technologies creating huge opportunities for cleaner, cheaper, safer and more reliable journeys.

“We now need to ensure the infrastructure surrounding these technologies is in place and can accommodate these innovations. The new parking data standards will bring government, private organisations and technologies together to ensure a smoother parking experience for drivers.”

Ted Welford


May 31, 2019

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