Acting as a taxi service for your children is a familiar occurrence for many parents, but some are still providing lifts for their offspring as they near their 30s, according to a survey conducted by insurance provider Allianz Your Cover.

Worryingly, as a growing number of young adults are living in the family home well into their twenties, some parents have resigned themselves to the idea that they will be chauffeuring their children around for ever.

The survey, which was completed by 1,000 parents of children up to the age of 30 who regularly drive their family around, showed that mums and dads are covering an average of 1,700 miles each year providing transport for their kids.

By opting for dad’s taxi rather than a real one, kids are saving around £7,813 a year.

It’s not quite such a good deal for parents, who spend the equivalent of four days per annum waiting to collect their children.

While it is perhaps unsurprising that 40 per cent of parents would expect to give their children lifts until they pass their driving test, 19 per cent would do so until they left home and a further 17 per cent would continue until their child could afford their own car.

The survey also showed that parents with teenage children spend the most time driving them, with going to a friend’s house or after-school club the most common reasons for taking to the wheel.

Those with kids aged nine to 12 spent the most time waiting to pick them up.

Jon Lott, of Allianz Your Cover Insurance, said: “Mum and Dad’s taxi service is getting UK families from A to B and with these trips totalling a mileage close to 2,000 per year, it’s clear families are depending on a regular family taxi service to help manage their busy lifestyles.”

Picture: Martinan/Fotolia

Daljinder Nagra


September 3, 2013

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