THINK! launch a road show to highlight the dangers of parents passing their bad driving habits to their children.

The road show was proposed by Road Safety Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick and consists of a series of workshops in schools across England.

New Government research has revealed that 54 per cent of parents have admitted to displaying poor signs of road safety in front of their children and the road show aims to give parents a dramatic insight into how this behaviour can affect their offspring.

Jim Fitzpatrick said: "Simply telling our children about how to use our roads safely is not enough – parents must practise what they preach or their sons and daughters will slip into dangerous habits."

The THINK! Campaign will urge parents to think about their behaviour and ensure they set a good example to their children in the future. Giant props – including oversized cars and zebra crossings – will encourage parents to understand the road better from a child’s perspective.

The road show is set to run throughout June with experts offering parents a host of tips and advice on how to address the issue of road safety with their children.

Stephen Jury


May 23, 2008