Do you ever feel like a full-time chauffeur to your children? There could be more in it than you might have imagined, as new research has revealed that parents will drive an average of 27,000 miles driving their kids around by the time they turn 20.

The staggering distance, which would take the average motorist well over two years to cover, sees parents clock up a total of 197 days behind the wheel, ferrying children to and from school, and to clubs and social activities.

The study, conducted by tyre manufacturer Goodyear, also showed that parents will spend over 30 hours languishing in cars, waiting to collect their children.

“I enjoy the time I have with my children in the car. It's a good chance to catch up with them."

The findings come as no surprise to some parents. Pippa Marsden told “I spend at least an hour a day taking the kids to and from school and drive around 50 miles a week with them on top of that, so I’d say I average at least six hours a week playing chauffeur.”

Despite the astonishing amount of time racked up by parents behind the wheel, most see it as an opportunity to engage with their children.

Of the 2,000 parents surveyed, one in five said it was one of the rare occasions they got to speak to their children uninterrupted, with half using the school run to question their offspring about their homework and other school issues.

Fourteen per cent of parents will use the confined environment to their advantage by quizzing kids on their personal lives, as they have no way of escape.

Mrs Hinxman, 44, told the Daily Mail her driving time can be worthwhile: “I enjoy the time I have with my children in the car. It's a good chance to catch up with them about school or for them to ask me for new clothes while not in earshot of their siblings,” she said.

While half of parents happily give their children lifts as they feel it is the safest way for them to get around, one in five say that their children are simply too lazy to walk or catch the bus.

Do you spend large parts of your day transporting children from A to B? Would you rather they used public transport or made their own way? Have your say below.

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Daljinder Nagra


June 3, 2014

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