• Are women better at buying cars?

    Are women better at buying cars?

    A study conducted by HPI suggests that women make more reasonable decisions when buying a used car, meaning that only 35% of women regret a used car purchase compared to 43% of men. When it…

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  • Spring-appropriate vehicles

    Spring-appropriate vehicles

    Take a look outside right now – it may not look like Spring but according to the calendar we are two-thirds of the way through the first month of the season. Just as the daffodils…

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  • The cars of the future

    The cars of the future

    In technology you are only as good as the latest advancement in your field. Like every other industry touched by technology the motoring industry is gearing itself up for some truly amazing innovations that will…

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  • Car share schemes and incentives

    Car share schemes and incentives

    Next time you’re alone in your car commuting into work, and are stuck at the usual high-traffic spot, take a moment to check the other cars around you to see just how many other people…

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  • Driver Friendly Snacks

    Driver Friendly Snacks

    If you’re going on a long journey there are plenty of things that you might need from directions, a break down kit and a fully charged phone to a suitcase full of clothes and a…

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  • Audi A3: By Royal Approval

    Audi A3: By Royal Approval

    Audis have long been the car brand of choice for the Royal family. Within Prince Charles’ vast garage, there is an A8 luxury limo which runs on biodiesel and is worth around £100,000, whilst Prince…

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  • Exports push up the price of used cars

    Exports push up the price of used cars

    Unless you’re bidding for a vintage collector’s item like the Batmobile, you really shouldn’t expect to pay more for a second-hand car than you normally would for a brand-new model. However, the increasing trend of…

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  • Celebrities ‘Going Green’

    Celebrities ‘Going Green’

    Over the years, being environmentally conscious hasn’t exactly tied in with the notion of ‘cool’. Your average millionaire footballer wouldn’t be caught dead driving anything smaller than a tank when dropping his kids off at…

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  • Hybrid Ambulance hits York

    Hybrid Ambulance hits York

    With the increase in global warming many companies have started looking into ways to lower their carbon emissions, and the NHS is no exception to that. In the York area, a hybrid Emergency Response Vehicle…

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