More than 6,000 people in Ireland have registered their electric vehicles (EVs) for a reduction in toll charges.

The scheme was launched in July last year and acts as part of the Irish government’s investment strategy for supporting the uptake of EVs.

Fully electric vehicles qualify for a 50 per cent reduction in fees, whereas plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) cars get 25 per cent off.

Under the scheme, owners of PHEVs and EVs – which make up approximately 14,600 new and used cars on Irish roads according to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) – have claimed an average of €65.50 (£55.95) each so far. Over 365,000 toll transactions have been reduced, amounting to a total cost of about €365,000 (£311,777.52).

Around 45 per cent of electric and hybrid vehicle owners have taken up the offer of the scheme.

The figures were released as the government published the second low-emission vehicle taskforce report, which makes a number of recommendations regarding subjects such as reduced toll fares for green heavy vehicles, such as busses and lorries.

A spokeswoman said that the government was “very pleased” with how many have decided to take advantage of the scheme.

The incentive will stay in place until 2022 or when a threshold of 50,000 registrations has been reached.


November 27, 2019