One in every four motorists admits that they have bumped into another car at slow speeds and then made off, a new survey has found.

The research, carried out by 1st Central Car Insurance, also discovered that only seven per cent of men and 12 per cent of women felt any guilt after causing one of these so-called ‘prang and run’ incidents – despite the fact that these incidents are estimated to cost British car owners up to £440 million every year in repair costs, reports Yahoo Cars.

Despite the £440 million racked up in repair bills, many drivers are unlikely to repair cosmetic damage caused in these low speed collisions. A total of 24 per cent of the 2,000 motorists questioned owned up to causing at least one ‘prang and run’ episode, though 42 per cent said that their car had been on the receiving end of a similar bump.

Britain’s motorists should ensure they are driving safely and responsibly at all times.

Of those victims a quarter stated that they trusted people less than before the incident, with five per cent even going as fast as resorting to public transport to avoid being at the receiving end of further prang and run damage.

The frequency of bumps varied significantly on location; topping the list with 35 per cent of incidents, were multi-storey car parks, with unfamiliar streets accounting for a further 25 per cent. Surprisingly petrol stations weighed in with 19 per cent of the total.

Geographical location also had an impact with 36 per cent of drivers in the capital owning up to bashing another car and driving off. Leeds came in second with 30 per cent, while Birmingham was just behind at 29 per cent. Bristol and Cambridge closely followed.

In response to the findings, chief underwriting officer at 1st Central, Pete Creed, stated: “Britain’s motorists should ensure they are driving safely and responsibly at all times.

“Failing to leave your insurance details after hitting another vehicle is not something we recommend,” as well as being illegal.

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Chris Lloyd


October 14, 2014