A Volkswagen Crafter used as a tour vehicle by members of One Direction will be heading to auction next month.

The modified 2012 example of the German commercial vehicle is to sell with Classic Car Auctions in Leamington Spa on August 3rd.

It was built for two of the boy band’s former members, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, in the group’s early days.

It sports a Scooby Doo-inspired Mystery Machine livery from car wrap specialist Yiannimize. Other notable exterior gear? Four CCTV cameras, a PA system and water jets; lest we forget its occupants were very much in-demand at the time of this build!

Inside, creature comforts include a high-grade sound system, laser lights, underfloor heating and remote air conditioning.

A 55-inch Sony plasma TV is the centrepiece of the interior, and it isn’t lacking appendages, including modern Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation games consoles, as well as classic systems from Atari and Nintendo.

There are two cosy-looking seats featuring the initials of the singers embroidered in white, plus a slightly less sumptuous looking backbench for three, presumably to facilitate the other members of the band if they ever elected to tag along.

As you might expect, all the special amenities are in the back; the front of the van is rather more standard fare.

Having covered just 4,000 miles, you could reasonably call this van ‘nearly-new’. Because of this, and its famous former occupants, it is expected to fetch as much as £40,000.

If this strikes you as a little costly, some rather less expensive Volkswagen Crafters can be found here on Motors.co.uk.