Cars registered in 2001 or before qualify for £2k saving – if you buy a Brit-built Nissan.

Nissan has gone one better from the just-announced cash-for-scrap incentive scheme. Where the govt. restricts the £2000 offer to cars that are at least 10 years old, Nissan extends it to cars which are only eight – providing that the car bought is British-built.

So if you’ve a motor registered in 2001 or before, you can buy a Micra supermini for £5995 once the offer is applied. The same saving is there for the taking on the Note, Qashqai and Qashqai +2. If your car is worth more than £2000 – as a few eight-year-old models may be – Nissan dealers will consider bidding more for it. If you want a Nissan built overseas – like the soon-to-come Pixo city car (made in India) – then the govt. scheme for 10-year-old cars will, or course, still apply.

The offer runs from now until the end of June. Nissan is the UK’s biggest new car producer – one in six of all British-built cars in 2009 was a Qashqai. The company employs 3900 workers in Sunderland making cars, 750 at its European technical centre in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, plus 50 at its design centre in Paddington, west London.

Nissan's move chimes with the 'Made Better in Britain' campaign launched by, to encourage car buyers to choose locally-made models.

Car scrappage scheme:

your questions answered £2000 cash for scrap discount starts from May