The latest generation of the Nissan Leaf has proved to be incredibly popular, ranking as the best-selling electric vehicle across Europe.

In 2018, 40,699 Leafs were delivered across the continent with Norway holding the largest market for the electric hatchback.

In fact, the Leaf was the most popular car in the Scandinavian country with 12,303 units sold in 2018. The Leaf also ranked highly among British consumers, with the Nissan ranking as the top EV in the UK.

In an attempt to maintain that popularity through 2019, Nissan unveiled two new versions—the Leaf 3.Zero and e+ 3.Zero special edition—both of which come with an improved specification and enhanced connectivity via the NissanConnect EV application.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf

The limited-run e+ 3.Zero comes with a larger 62kWh battery pack to improve performance and increase the Leaf’s range to a quoted 239 miles.

Ken Ramirez, Nissan Europe’s senior vice president for sales and marketing said: “This latest announcement marks the start of a very optimistic 2019 for our EV range. The fact that the Nissan Leaf is still the default choice for EV buyers in Europe is a testament to its all-round capability as the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, especially with the ever-growing range of competitors.”

“We can celebrate standout sales success with Norway as an example, as it highlights how the Nissan electric ecosystem has established itself as a sustainable lifestyle choice in a relatively short space of time. With the range now stronger than ever, we look forward to welcoming more customers to EV ownership in the coming months.”

Nissan has sold more than 380,000 Leafs since the original model was launched back in 2010.