Japanese car maker now needs extra staff for its Sunderland factory – but jobs will last for just four months.

Nissan is planning to hire extra manufacturing staff to cope with an expected sales boom resulting from the govt’s car scrappage scheme.

The company, forced to shed staff at its Sunderland factory after a slump in demand earlier in the year, is now looking forward to better times.

Car scrappage schemes are being operated in most countries across northern Europe, with the UK ready to join them with its own, which goes live from May 18.

As a result, Nissan is expecting a surge in sales for its Micra, Note and Qashqai, which are all built here.

As a result, Nissan is looking to hire an extra 150 staff, to help it build an extra 14,000 cars. The workers will be hired on fixed, four-month contracts. Honda, meanwhile, is to re-open its Swindon factory, which makes Civics and CR-Vs, in June after a four-month layoff.

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Stephen Jury


May 8, 2009