Young drivers feeling unprepared after test

August 20, 2013 | By | In News

The results of a study published today have revealed that nearly a third of young drivers don’t feel ready to drive on their own when they pass their tests.

29 per cent of the drivers who responded said that they didn’t feel confident enough behind the wheel to drive alone when they gained their full license.

The survey, which was carried out by Co-operative Insurance, asked 2,000 drivers in the 18-30 age group for their feelings on issues surrounding the UK’s current driver education system, and identified a number of tricky situations that some young drivers find challenging – even after they’ve taken and passed their driving tests.

Nearly a quarter of respondents said that they had had an accident that, in their opinion, could have been prevented if they’d spend more time learning to drive, and 62 per cent were in favour of the introduction of a minimum learning period.

What’s more, 29 per cent said that they hadn’t felt prepared for night driving when they tore up their L-plates, while 21 per cent thought that their lessons hadn’t given them enough preparation for driving with passengers.

19 per cent claimed to avoid city centres, 14 per cent struggled with driving in the rain, and 8 per cent said that they tried to avoid making right turns if possible.

“It is worrying that so many young drivers feel the driving test does not prepare them adequately for elements of life on the road,” said Edmund King, president of the AA.

“We would support the idea of allowing learner drivers on to motorways with a trained driving instructor and also a minimum learning period.”

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