Worst MOT performers named and shamed

October 3, 2013 | By | In News

With advances in engineering and the sheer robustness of modern cars, there have been calls from some corners to abolish the legal requirement for a car to undergo its annual MOT health inspection.

The argument is that it is an unnecessary expense, particularly in the first instance, when a car is just three years old. However, new research shows that the MOT could be more relevant than assumed, with cars failing at their first appearance at an inspection bay.

Analysing data from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA), comparison site has compiled a list of the top ten cars most likely to fail their first MOT, disregarding low volume examples (where less than 1,000 tests were carried out) and focusing instead on some of the most widely used cars in the UK.

The results make for interesting reading, as aside from the expected appearance from French brands – already well known for flaky build quality – some entries are more surprising, coming from brands with cast-iron reputations for reliability.

Here is the top-ten list in full:

10. Chevrolet Aveo
Pass rate: 73.75 per cent
Average mileage: 23,482
Total tests: 1,680

9. Mitsubishi L200
Pass rate: 73.53 per cent
Average mileage: 42,793
Total tests: 3,513

8. Chevrolet Captiva
Pass rate: 73.53 per cent
Average mileage: 31,894
Total tests: 1,390

7. Nissan Navara
Pass rate: 70.59 per cent
Average mileage: 46,514
Total tests: 1,955

6. Mazda 5
Pass rate: 70.55 per cent
Average mileage: 28,211
Total tests: 1,443

5. Fiat Doblo
Pass rate: 69.24 per cent
Average mileage: 38,700
Total tests: 1,749

4. Peugeot 5008
Pass rate: 68.14 per cent
Average mileage: 35,663
Total tests: 2,398

3. Citro?n C4
Pass rate: 67.86 per cent
Average mileage: 23,604
Total tests: 14,610

2. Citro?n Berlingo Multispace
Pass rate: 67.84 per cent
Average mileage: 43,437
Total tests: 7,182

1. Renault Kangoo
Pass rate: 63.54 per cent
Average mileage: 43,144
Total tests: 3,494

Do you drive any of the cars listed above? Have you had any reliability issues with it? Have your say below.

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