Women driven round the bend by their cars

June 14, 2013 | By | In News

75 per cent of women admit they don’t like their cars, because they’re designed by men.

Over three quarters of female drivers argue that the majority of cars lack female-friendly features, because there are simply not enough women engineers in the industry.

From the air-conditioning being too cold on their feet, or the fact that their engagement ring can scratch the paintwork, women drivers feel they are being ignored by car designers, despite the fact that they make up a large proportion of car buyers.

Half of women are said to be unhappy with their cars due to the ergonomics of seats, which cause them bad backache compared to men, the lack of space for prams, and the fact that car showrooms are male-dominated.

Executive Vice President of Nissan, Andy Palmer believes that the car industry is failing the largest and most influential customer segment in the world. Palmer told the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders: “Between 50 and 74 per cent of female customers worldwide are dissatisfied with their cars.”

He went on to argue that this is partly due to the lack of courses for women that focus on engineering and the automotive sectors. Indeed only recently, the SMMT highlighted the need for more qualified workers.

Palmer continued: “We need less hairdressing degree courses and more focus on job creation with some form of mathematics and technical background.”

However, some manufacturers are already combatting the issue. Ford, for example, has a Women’s Product Panel and Renault’s interior design department is headed by women. This has resulted in positive results including easy-to-customise superminis and hatches with personalised interiors.

Are women being forgotten in a new car market by male dominated design? Have your say in the comments section below.

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