Woman sleep-drives over 180 miles

August 14, 2013 | By | In News

A motorist in New Zealand managed to drive 186 miles while asleep, sending text messages from her phone along the way.

When the woman, who has a history of sleep-driving, was found to be missing, police were alerted to the fact that she might have gotten into her car after taking her prescribed sleeping medication.

Known to have a fondness for the beach, the police started searching for her car on the route towards the coast and tracked her phone in a bid to find her.

Information from her mobile showed that she was sending texts from behind the wheel, and had driven from her home in Hamilton, through Auckland and onto the seaside town of Mount Maunganui, with the journey taking five hours to complete.

The woman was eventually found unharmed, slumped at the wheel of her car in the driveway of a house in which she used to live. She had no recollection of the drive.

Senior police sergeant Dave Litton, said: "We have sought an urgent order forbidding her to drive and to seek medical advice on her suitability to remain holding her driver's licence," report Nine News World.

He added: "While her being found safe and well is a relief for everyone involved, the potential for tragedy was huge.

"We're urging people suffering medical conditions to be open and honest with their doctors and seek advice on if the medication they are prescribed affects their ability to drive or not."

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