What does your car colour say about you?

Gone are the days everyone clamoured after Ferrari red cars; for the past decade black and silver have been fighting for the top spot. However, figures published by the SMMT have revealed the UK’s favourite car colour is now white, with just under one in four new cars registered painted in the palest of hues. And the choice of colour picked by buyers must mean something, right? We’ve had a look into the nation’s psyche and have come up with a couple of possible associated personality traits. Let us know if you agree by leaving us a message on our Facebook page here: 


You must have noticed there are more white cars on the road and in the past decade the number of people opting for a white car has soared. This could well be due to manufacturers increasingly offering white as the only no cost option on new cars, which could be interpreted as white car drivers being savvier consumers. However, with colour names, or should we say shades, ranging from everything from arctic and snow to ice and frost, it could be that Frozen fever has had more of an influence on us than many would admit to.


Having lost their crown to white, black cars are clinging onto second place with 19% of new registrations. Traditionally favoured by business car owners, black car drivers have a reputation for driving more quickly, perhaps taking subconscious inspiration from superheroes such as Batman! However, a glossy ebony finish also evokes traits of professionalism and power. 


New blue cars seem to be available in the biggest variety of shades with everything from the palest of shimmery skies to a smart deep navy. The colour blue is often associated with peace and calm, so perhaps indicating a careful and considerate driver. According to a survey by YouGov it’s actually the most popular colour, with 33% of Brits favouring these cool shades. If you have a blue car you’re likely to be a rational decision maker and calm under pressure. 


Gone are the days of the flat, dull red seen everywhere in the 90s. The majority of red cars are now only available in a metallic finish. And with that comes a hefty price tag. Red is traditionally a loud statement and a shiny ruby coloured vehicle screams ‘look at me’. If you own a red car, you’re likely to be a bit of an extrovert and perhaps a little flash too. But who can blame you when your car looks that good!


Silver is still a popular choice and research by Kelley Blue Book found it’s particularly favoured with the more conservative, luxury models. People who choose a silver car tend to be sensible and quiet. Understated yet elegant, a soft silver holds its value well if you plan on selling your vehicle on, partly because it’s a great neutral colour and any unfortunate dents and dings are disguised well. 

Sarah Lewis


May 6, 2016

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