What are your driving habits?

February 13, 2013 | By | In News

The average Brit spends a majority of their lifetime in their car, and although our driving instructors might attempt to drill good habits into us at the start, over the years many of us begin to pick up bad habits – whether that’s not keeping our hands at ’10 and 2’ or even something as dangerous as consciously ignoring red lights.

Skobbler, developer of the iPhone satnav app GPS Navigation 2, commissioned a survey of 2,000 British drivers to find out what their driving habits were – and the results were a little worrying. It seems the average British driver will jump 87 red lights, sound their horn at a cyclist 62 times, and rack up 51 speeding tickets and 62 parking tickets in their lifetime.

Marcus Thielking, co-founder of Skobbler, commented:
‘There is no excuse for behaviour such as jumping red lights, tailgating fellow motorists or cutting people up. Being a motorist involves a lot more than just driving and whilst we all try to be sensible drivers, it would seem we are all guilty of a few misdemeanours, whether it’s speeding or using our phones illegally. This research shows we do spend an awfully long time in the car and many motorists will conduct a lot of their other business in their vehicle.'

On top of that, the average motorist will drive 269,296 miles, fill up with fuel 2214 times and get stuck in traffic almost 10,000 times. And it might be time to invest in a map or two; the average British driver will get lost on 371 separate occasions. It’s not all bad though – most motorists are on top of their car maintenance, checking the oil and tyre pressure 233 times and topping up their screen wash 185 times over their lifetime. Despite their vigilance, however, most motorists will still end up with two flat tyres at some point in their lives.

What are your best and worst driving habits?

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