Was your first car your first love?

A new study has proved just how strong the attachment between a driver and their first car can be.

Carried out by Direct Line, the study found that 37 per cent of drivers – more than one-in-three – claim to have fallen in love with their first cars, with 25 per cent claiming to be fonder of their first car than any subsequent vehicles.

Meanwhile, women were found to be twice as likely to have named their first car than men – something that 13 per cent of participants admitted to have done – with names including Betsy, Bessy, Bertie, Daisy, Ruby and Rosie proving the most popular.

The study, which surveyed 1,298 adults online, found that the quintessential British Mini Cooper was the popular choice for first time drivers, with Ford’s Fiesta and Anglia taking second and third positions. Also making it on the top ten list was Austin’s supermini Metro and the tough but tiny Nissan Micra.

On average, motorists keep their first car for two years and two months. However, while people aged over 55 only paid an average of £699 for their first motor, drivers aged between 18 and 34 paid a whopping £2,274.

Nevertheless, Two-in-five (41 per cent) of all age groups said that their first car made them feel “cool”, while three quarters (74 per cent) claimed that the freedom their first car changed their lives. 

Author: Laura Thomson 

Photo: Newspress

Sophie Williamson Stothert


January 14, 2016

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