Warnings issued to drivers as cold snap sweeps across Britain

With snow flurries and freezing temperatures sweeping across much of the country this weekend, warnings have been issued to motorists braving inclement weather.

Roadside assistance company the RAC is expecting breakdown callouts to be up by nearly nine per cent. On Sunday, when the worst weather is forecast, it’s anticipating 7,200 breakdowns.

To help combat this, the RAC has issued its top tips for drivers to help them get through the snowy and icy weather. It recommends leaving more time to undertake journeys, increase the distance between your car and others, and to carry out maintenance checks on your vehicle before setting off.

It’s also issued top tips for those caught on icy roads. It recommends those behind the wheel to accelerate gently, move off in second gear on ice and snow and to significantly slow down. It has also said that drivers should think ahead when driving and leave big gaps for greater stopping distances in precarious weather.

Motorists should also carry extra supplies in their car, such as warm clothes and food and drink. Essentials such as a first aid kid, high visibility jacket and torch should also be carried.

RAC director of roadside operations, James Knight, said: “There is a lot that drivers can do right now to be prepared for the wintry conditions. This includes checking the condition of their car’s tyres, as well as making sure windscreen wipers and lights are all functioning properly to ensure they have a clear view of the road ahead.

“The message to drivers when out on the road over the next few days is to stay safe. Build in more time for your journey and think twice before driving longer distances if the journey isn’t really essential.”

Ted Welford


December 8, 2017

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